• leighanalynn

Shifting with the Seasons: What to Learn from Fall

It's officially almost here..... Fall! Holy shit can you believe what a year it's been? It feels more like a century if I'm being honest. But weirdly, it feels good that it's Fall right? The weather is changing things are slowing down [even more so] which is oddly comforting.

Despite the fact that we are all still deep AF in a pandemic, facing an extremely intense election season, dealt with some crazy ass hurricanes, are currently being burnt to a crisp, all the while fighting a long overdue/ just straight long social and civil battle for Black lives, Indigenous lives and other people of color --- we are still growing and evolving.

Damn that was a lot right?

Well, it has been a lot.

Which is why I am so thankful and grateful for a little Fall reset. A time to take stock of what we have, show thanks and gratitude for what our wins were and are. This is a time to reap what was sewn and celebrate the fruits of our labors.

Fall is also the beginning of the ending of a cycle. Life is just that a cycle, the cycle of life, death, life as they say. Everything must die and with death, something is reborn. The death aspect isn't meant to be taken so literally either, while yes we see the leaves change colors and die, sometimes death is just referring to the ending of a cycle, a relationship, a bad habit, etc.

During this season change, and as we approach Mabon aka the Autumn Equinox we are able to tap into a Divine power and connect with our highest selves. Using this time to further your spiritual practices and personal growth can be very rewarding and filling.

And it's important to remember you don't need anything to tap into this power. While practicing magick and using spiritual tools can help deepen your connection, this is not a barrier. For the Divine lives within you, and you can access it as often and as much as you need or would like.

For more spiritual tools for this Autumn Equinox, check out the Mabon ~ Rituals and Practices Workbook by High Vibe Curator, and our article on practicing a Cacao and CBD Ceremony.