• leighanalynn

Spring Fever with Lady Jays

The time is here! Spring is about to be sprung and we've got the fever! Spring Fever that is. Is it too soon? Because honestly, I don't care. After the crazy snowstorms across the US and especially in Oregon and Texas, we all deserve a little taste of sunshine and Spring. Which is why I've been getting outside and enjoying some of Lady Jays CBD, CBG and D8 pre-roll packs (p.s. you can enjoy them in Oregon, Texas and even Tennessee too)!

Delta 8

Delta-8-THC, one of the four most common cannabinoids, is similar to its psychoactive relative Delta-9 aka THC, but with several key differences.

Known as the 'legal high' Delta-8 has been described as an easier, more tolerable version of traditional THC, producing semi-psychoactive affects. I love smoking the Delta-8 pre-roll packs and getting outside! Especially after being inside for Winter and COVID for so long, going into nature and smoking a D8 joint blessed me with a euphoric, enlightening, and empowering experience.

Ladies Orange Peels

CBG is one of my favorite cannabinoids, known as the "Bliss" cannabinoid I love using CBG to expand my consciousness.

The CBG flower used in these Lady Jays packs is grown using Oregon CBD genetics, creating a high quality product incomparable to other CBG flower on the market. The "Ladies Orange Peel" name was created by Ladies of Paradise (see what we did there?!) because of its strong scent of citrusy orange peels.

Sour Space Candy

The Sour Space Candy/CBG Blend packs are really special because of the way CBD and CBG work together as a compound cannabinoid. The blend and the balance of CBG and CBD is perfect for the Spring and especially the Spring Equinox when all is at balance.

The oranginess of the CBG mixed with the fruitiness of the Sour Space Candy make these jays delicious and smooth.

Hawaiian Haze CBG Blend

We blended our fruity Hawaiian Haze hemp flower with the CBG Blend from Mission Lago Farms. This blend creates the perfect balance of CBD to CBG while giving off fruity flavors and an uplifting effect. The balance of this blend is perfect for the Spring Equinox when day/night and feminine/masculine are also at balance.

It's been a long Winter, and an even longer year, but with March here it's important to remember that the Spring Equinox is right around the corner, which means so is the Sun! As the days creep towards getting longer and the sun gets higher, I recommend you do to with the tasty strains that Lady Jays has ~ Great Flower. Girl Power.