• leighanalynn

Spring Fling - COVID Safe Dating Ideas

Spring is in full bloom and so is love. It's so fun to start a fling in the Spring. The weather is starting to get nice, the sun comes out and starts shining, the flowers bloom and the cherry blossoms and magnolias make your heart melt! So why not just dive into all those gooey feelings and have some fun with it!

Even though we're coming out of COVID, it's still important to remain COVID safe, so we've come up with some fun date ideas for this Spring and paired them with a different Lady Jays strain. Some of these dates can be done virtually, others in person. Wether you've got your vaccine, wear a mask, get tested, just remember it's up to you to keep it safe.

Delta 8 and Roller Skate

Roller skating or blading is totally in this year and let's get real, it's fun! How nostalgic is it to throw on a pair of rollerblades! Now, don't expect to be just as good when you hop on, but smoking some Sour Space Candy Delta 8 and going out to roller skate past some cherry blossoms is definitely fun date.

Hawaiian Haze and Star Gaze

Star gazing is always fun, especially if you're in Oregon and can watch SpaceX Falcon 9 falling into Earth... Or you could just watch for aliens, either way Hawaiian Haze is perfect to star gaze with. And who doesn't like to be outside under the stars with their date? It's romantic!

ProTip: Check the moon calendar and go as close to a new moon as possible for a darker sky.

The White CBG and White Album by the Beatles

Listening to music and smoking together is always a fun date idea! So why not add a little intention to it by smoking The White CBG and listening to the White Album by the Beatles? I promise it won't disappoint;)

Sour Space Candy and Traveling Space and Time

For our space queens and kings out there who love to question our reality and meaning of existence, this one is for you. Get analytical with, explore and get curious. Travel space and time with the Sour Space Candy, then come back together and talk about all the interesting details of your experiences.

Bubba Kush and Picnic by a Rose Bush

As the sun comes out to play, so should you! You should also soak up the Sun and that vitamin D while you can. So get out there and picnic it for your date. Plus, COVID safe bonus that you're outside;) Personally, I recommend a little Delta 8 Bubba Kush near a rose bush, or some Spring flowers.

Ladies Orange Peel and Meal

Get to cooking in the kitchen or zoom date, but make it fun. And whats more fun than smoking and making delicious food while having intriguing conversation?! Figure out something you both like, I recommend checking out recipes on Pinterest because they seriously have the most delicious stuff on their! Then light up a Ladies Orange Peel CBG joint and get started on that meal! Cooking together is actually way more fun than you may think.