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Why does sustainability matter?

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

It’s 2020 and with a plethora of different apps, technologies and products that we have all become accustomed to, it can be hard to think about all the problems we create by living these comfortable lives. Modern day companies and brands make it extremely convenient to do so, and because we’ve become so used to this convenience, myself included, we are not thinking of the consequences and what it means for our planet and for future generations. However, as the average person, such as you and me, begin to learn more every day about how these ‘conveniences’ are actually toxic to us and the planet, it is our responsibility to end our relationship with such toxicity.

‘As humans we are currently creating an environment that is unsafe for us to live.’

We are rapidly creating an environment that will kill us and future generations and I don’t think we as a whole realize how incredibly drastic our actions must be to correct the decades of abuse our planet has endured.

Evidence of rapid global climate change

  • Global temperature rise

  • Warming Oceans

  • Shrink ice sheets

  • Glacial retreat

  • Decreased snow cover

  • Sea level rise

  • Declining arctic sea ice

  • Extreme events

  • Ocean acidification

Educate Yourself


  • First and foremost, reduce! When you’re getting ready to make a purchase, take an extra moment to decide whether you really need that item, and if so whether you can find a more sustainable way to do it.

  • Reuse it / Fix it / Donate it / DIY: instead of throwing broken things away, try mending your clothes and gluing things back together, look up how to fix appliances, and turn broken things into DIY projects! Donating is also a great option - someone else might have the determination to fix/up-cycle it.

  • Put an end to period waste - Cloth pads seem weird and most people will probably think it’s ‘disgusting’ but this is something SO IMPORTANT. For most women, we get our periods once a month. Just think of all the waste that comes with one period a month. That’s why making the switch to reusable and washable pads can save a ton of waste and plastic. I personally use these for night time only and wear my Diva Cup during the day. Waste free options:

Diva Cups


Cloth Pads

  • Buy in bulk foods and oil reusing containers you already have. Save and reuse your glass jars and containers from food purchases

  • Work on not buying items wrapped in plastic. We are the consumers, our purchasing patterns set the packaging trends. We can’t trust companies to do it for us, we have to demand that they do. On that note, if you’re still buying single-use plastic water bottles you’re doing it wrong! Buy a reusable water bottle - piece of cake!

  • Don’t support Amazon, they overuse packaging and plastic, not to mention the plethora of other fucked reasons not to support them.

  • Use a bucket to catch the water in your shower while you are waiting for it to heat up. You can then use that collected water to water your plants or use for your pets.

  • Compost

  • Shop local and get your thrift on to reduce the environmental impacts involved with the production/transportation of consumer goods.

  • Even better - organize a clothing swap so you don’t have to spend any money! Everyone can find something they love and leave feeling happy and trendy!

  • Do your research on which brands you are supporting with your dollars. There is often a more sustainable option to buy from, and although they may be more expensive these brands often produce very high quality products that will last!

  • Eat less meat + dairy products - think about all of the methane and resources needed to produce these items!

  • Drive less, bike/walk more!

These are all simple and fairly easy things each of us can do to reduce our footprint on this wonderful planet. If you have more simple tricks you use, please share! But remember, no one is perfect, so let's give ourselves a break and work on becoming our Highest Selves!

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