• leighanalynn

Sustainability Within The Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry has a plastic problem and it's disturbing. One would've thought, or at the very least hoped, that the cannabis industry would have no problem being green and practicing sustainability, but wrong! While there are some companies who work their asses off to be sustainable, the laws and regulations of cannabis from the METRC tags to the child resistant packaging that seems to be mostly made of single use plastic makes it impossible for the industry to be sustainable.

We all know how devastating plastic is to the environment, yet all the major and a majority of the approved packaging in legal recreational cannabis states is made of single use plastic. These regulations and laws have then set the precedent for how hemp producers have modeled their packaging.

And having worked in a dispensary for three years, I can tell you the amount of single use plastic that is gone through, from doob-tubes to flower dram bottles, to the edibles and vape pens that are all in some form of plastic or going out in a plastic childproof bag is absolutely gut wrenching.

There is a lot of single-use plastic flowing through every dispensary in America.

The most ironic part of it all is that hemp is incredibly healing to the Earth and can be used for SO MANY different items we use daily! For example, plastic! Hemp can literally be turned into a plastic that is biodegradable. And how cool would that be if the packaging was not only sustainable and better for the environment, but the plant being sold is being used to package itself! That's versatility.

Pre-rolls are an especially unsightly mess in the cannabis and hemp industry. The amount of single plastic doob-tubes that are sold in dispensaries is revolting. But that doesn't mean there aren't more sustainable options! Take Lady Jays for instance, using boxes that can be recycled instead of plastic is a huge step in the direction towards minimizing single use plastic.

In a world where many of us (fingers crossed) give a shit about the environment and our personal impact, we need to think about the consequences that will come with the type of heavy plastic use we are seeing in the cannabis and hemp space.