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Sustainably Styled - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Your Threads

Fast fashion has been a problem in our society for quite some time, but it only seems to be getting worse and worse. With more and more stores popping up like H&M, BooHoo, FashionNova and the list goes on and on, it's created this idea that fast fashion is not only okay, but cool. Which news flash, it's not. Caring about the planet, about other people, and making conscious decisions is cool.

The great news is about fast fashion is, you have the opportunity to not participate! There are enough clothes in the world now to clothe us all, forever. The sad part is that most of it is just sitting in a landfill somewhere. But again, you can find those gems before they make it to the landfill. By thrifting, shopping second hand, having clothing swaps, and using all the different apps out there, it's easier than ever to make the more sustainable fashion choice.

Most of Ladies of Paradise photoshoots actually include clothes that were thrifted, or rented from curated second hand stores. And if you know of LoP, you probably know of style icon, Keasha Brown. Believe it or not, this Queen and just about all her fabulous outfits are also, you guessed it, thrifted. So the excuse of, "I just can't find cool stuff" doesn't really cut it.

Thrifting and shopping second hand can be so fun! Especially if you do have a specific style, it can even be a bit of challenge, making it more fun and rewarding when you do find what you want. If you're in an area where there aren't as good of thrift stores, there are plenty of resources out there!

digital Thrifting Resources


Depop is an app you can download to buy and sell your clothes! This is great for finding newer items and more modern styles that you just might not be finding elsewhere.


Another amazing app for buying and selling your clothes, Poshmark is also great for searching for more modern and current styles.

IG Sales

Different influencers and people sell there items on IG in their stories all the time! Just pay attention when you're scrolling, you never know what goodies you may find!

Let Go

This is another great app you can download. Let's Go is so amazing for more than just clothing though, this app is great for finding furniture, lighting, kitchen stuff, lawn mowers, whatever you need!


This is a great resource for buying not only from people who thrift and curate their clothing selection, but also from people who make their own clothing which is another amazing and more holistic option.

irl Thrifting Resources

Goodwill + St. Vincent

Your everyday thrift stores, these you have to sift through sometimes, but it can be worth it! The prices usually are! Unless you go to one of those Goodwill Boutiques where they charge an arm and a leg even though it's all donated...

Goodwill Bins

Known as the Goodwill Outlets, these are the true gems of Goodwill. Very hit and miss, these warehouses are generally the last stop before everything gets shipped overseas to sit in landfills... Here they sell items by the pound and you have to sift through literal bins of stuff in order to find what you want. A little dirty for some, if you want to bring gloves, many choose to wear them although it's just as easy to wash your hands after.

Buffalo Exchange

This is a chain of stores that resell clothes. What's awesome about Buffalo Exchange is they are highly curated and so you can go there in search of more modern styles and you'll most likely find it. Because of this, they are a little more pricey than regular thrift stores, but not much more. And you can find great deals on stuff sometimes! One thing to note though is if you're not into buying new clothes, always double check the tags here because they mix in their second hand items with cheap new items they have made.

Curated Second Hand Shops

As thrifting becomes cooler and cooler, we see more and more curated second hand stores. These are great for finding a specific item or style that fits you. So do some research and see who is in your area! (Side note: some of these live online too, it's just about doing some research and some digging to find them.)

See! With so many resources, there's no need to support these big corporations anymore. And if you're interested in learning more about fast fashion and the terrible effects it has on us and this planet, I highly recommend watching, The True Cost on Netflix.