• leighanalynn

THC and Delta 8 taking your Higher this 420

Another year, another 420. But maybe not? Rumor has it, this year is the 50th year anniversary of 420. And not 4/20 the date but the actual 4:20, a codeword and time. The Origins of 420 started In 1971 in San Rafael, California, when five high school students, used the term "4:20" to secretly communicate about a plan they had to search for an abandoned cannabis crop that was based on a treasure map made by the grower. So in 1971, the term 420 was created and coined. making this the 50th year anniversary of 420.

And here we are 50 years later, New York recently legalized weed it seems that they are doing it right on so many levels. It is going to be really exciting to see how it all rolls out and plays out. In the meantime, a handful of states already have access to recreational cannabis and are able to go into dispensaries for 420.

If you're in Oregon, you're able to go into dispensaries and pick up a pack of THC Lady Jays.

Oregon Dispensaries

But if you're not in a state with legal cannabis, that's okay! Now you can get Detla-9s close cousin, Delta-8 in most states, and Lady Jays also has a good D8 joint selection of the hemp side.

Delta 8, aka D8 is a fan favorite and has been taking over the hemp scene. People enjoy it for its mild euphoric effects and because of its resemblance to cannabis. If you live in a state that doesn't allow cannabis and you've been interested in trying something similar, or trying hemp, Delta 8 could be a fun way to dip your toes. And hell, if it truly is the 50th anniversary, why not celebrate a little?