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The Bliss Cannabinoid

So the Ladies of Paradise team has been obsessed with CBG lately [Quarantine ain't easy]! CBG is what we like to call the 'Mother Cannabinoid'. It's a product of the cannabis sativa plant and is the first cannabinoid actually developed, making it one of the most compliant forms of hemp available because it is much less likely to have a THC content over 0.3%.

That's not why it's our favorite though! We've been obsessing over it due to the euphoric and uplifting effect that it seems to have on so many people who try it. Unlike CBD, CBG doesn't have that sedative effect that many have said to experience with CBD.

"CBG gives me a mildly euphoric and zen feeling" - Jade Daniels Founder of Ladies of Paradise

For me personally, when I smoke CBD it always relaxes me or I find it good for pain, which is amazing! But it can also make me a little sleepy, so I prefer it for lazy day, at night or when I have really bad period cramps. CBG though, I use for that morning smoke and coffee sesh, or even a mid day creative boost!

Ladies of Paradise Co-owner, Harlee Case uses the Ladies Orange Peel by Lady Jays to write music and invoke her creative side. And even Keasha Brown uses Lady Jays to spark her creativity when she paints.

Depending on the strain, cannabinoid content and terpene profile, the cannabis sativa plant can offer an array of benefits and is an extremely useful tool to have in your wellness belt. Many find this beautiful and complex plant to truly be a form of plant medicine, whether for the external body, the mind, or the soul, she works with you and meets you where you're at.

Finding your balance and bliss during the pandemic can be hard at times. We often don't have a schedule or routine to stick to which can bum us out. But it doesn't have to be as difficult if we can acknowledge where we actually are and meet ourselves there instead of beating ourselves up for where we think we "should be".

Creating a habit of self-care, whether it be with daily yoga or mantras every Monday can be highly beneficial for your mental health and mindset. We recommend checking out our new series, Integrating Plant Medicines for new ways to honor yourself and find your bliss.

Integrating CBG or CBD into your daily wellness routine doesn't need to be difficult either and there are a variety of products on the market to work with you on your unique journey.

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