• leighanalynn

The Moon and Your Moontime

There is no denying that we (especially, women) are ruled by the Moon. Just as La Luna controls the tides and the ebb and flow of the ocean, she controls us and governs our emotions.

The Moon is constantly showing us and reminding us of her different phases. Life is a constant evolution of these phases. Going from one to the next, and over and over until we start the cycle over. And while we may ebb and flow in these seemingly repetitive cycles, it's important to remember that nothing is ever the same, or is ever made the exact same and no experience will ever be identical. We all have the ability to tap into these natural cycles and use them to improve and influencer our lives positively.

Moon Cycles

Women's periods are known as a Moon Cycle because our cycles sync up with the moon. The Moons cycle is 29 days long, the same approximate timeline for a women's cycle. Depending on when you bleed each month, you are either a White Moon or a Red Moon.

White Moon

Bleeding during the New Moon or Waning Moon

This is the most common cycle for women and women who bleed during this time are aligned with the White Moon Cycle. This cycle is in alignment with the traditional moon cycle and mother nature.

During the White Moon Cycle, ovulations tends to mirror when the moon is full and most fertile. This phase is known as the mother phase because women in this phase can be looking to get pregnant, or nurture their children more. It doesn't only mean motherhood though! This phase can also mean that you need to give yourself more attention and energy right now.

Those on this cycle have the ability to pull energy inward towards them and harness that energy to replenish and deepen their emotional, mental, and spiritual energies.

Red Moon

Bleeding during the Full Moon or Waxing Moon.

This is the least common cycle for women and women who bleed during this time are aligned with the Full Moon which is known as the Red Moon Cycle. Bleeding during the Full Moon means that ovulation happens near the New Moon.

In Ancient times, women who were aligned with the Red Moon Cycle were focused on channeling their creative energy outwards. They were known as the healers, the witches, the medicine women, and the priestesses.

Focused on, driven and passionate about being in sacred communion and ceremony with their sisters, loved ones, and community those aligned with the Red Moon Cycle were often teaching and leading those in their community.

Women who bleed with the Full Moon often have a deep desire for growth, self-actualization, self-growth, creativity, and even entrepreneurship and community development. The experiences had and everything they learn throughout life helps empower them and find their spark, which enables them to empower the people around them, especially the other women in the community.

Infradian Cycle

Follicular Phase

(7-10 after your period)

  • Creative energy is strong

  • Connection to feminine energy is strong

  • When we feel most inspired to be in our bodies

During this time I invite you to dance more, put on music and move your body! Getting in touch and attuned to its sensations, feelings, and movements can feel so good and freeing. So allow yourself to flow free with what comes naturally to you and let yourself have fun. If you keep moving and practicing, you will become so in-tune with your body, the moves you can do will shock you!

Activities for this Phase:

  • Openness to new things, creativity and beginnings

  • Setting intentions: What do you want more of in your life? What fulfills you? What fills you with love and joy?

  • Brainstorming - Your creativity is high, use it!

  • Think big - don’t hold yourself back - SET INTENTIONS

Ovulatory Phase

(4 days in the middle of your cycle)

This is when you're hot hot hot! No, really. Your face is actually more symmetrical at this phase because your body wants you to get pregnant... Crazy right! So if you're not trying to get pregnant, make sure you're extra careful around this phase!

Activities for this Phase:

  • Great time for important conversations

  • Great time to connect with community and make some magic

  • Communication and collaboration flows this week

  • Present, Pitch, Sell, Negotiate!

  • Heightened communication skills

Luteal Phase

(10-14 days between ovulating and your period)

This is a get shit done kind of phase and the perfect time to bring your tasks and projects to completion! So stay focused, this is a powerful and force filled phase for you!

Activities for this Phase:

  • Brain chemistry is optimized for detail and task oriented projects

  • Great time for bringing things to completion

  • Carve out chunks of time to get work done

Menstrual Phase

(3-7 of your period)

Rest, rest, rest. Every cycle would not be complete without a rest phase and this is yours. So take it slow and keep is chill. Remember not to lift anything heavy and to drink a lot of water. Drinking water can help keep your flow moving and prevent cramps.

Also, another hack! If you tend to break out during your period, amp up your cilantro intake massively. Cilantro works to get rid of the hormone that causes break outs during our periods.

Activities for this Phase:

  • Left and right brain talk the most - so schedule time for analysis and review.

  • Think strategically about where you want to take the bigger picture of your life. What small things can you do to get there?

  • Journal a lot during this phase.