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The Power of Plant Medicines

Plant medicines play a very important aspect on the journey to physical and even spiritual and mental wellness. For too long our society has valued western medicine and all the different types of pills that "fix it" but never heal it. As well as the atrocious foods we see in our school systems and our plates daily.

Our bodies have become so reliant on outside factors that are not natural that we are seeing people unable to fight off illnesses and have incredibly low immune systems. And worse we are being excessively over prescribed medications that we know lead to death and addiction, yet it happens daily.

It's quite sad how the medical and food systems have failed so many. While yes, there are obvious blessings that come with western medicine and there have been amazing miracles that have happened, as well as many of us benefited from it, I think it is important to recognize that we are too reliant on this system. As for the food system, its purely evil that governments would allow corporations to produce the toxic processed shit that they do.

And the way we cope with the consequences of these systems is even more frightening. Taking things like Advil and Asprin daily or almost daily so that we can cope with pain, or having incredibly uncomfortable gut activity most of the time but just popping Tums to deal with it, are both symptoms of the same problem we have as a society. We have become so focused on ease that we look for the quick fix that often has unfavorable consequences in the long run instead of being patient with ourselves and our bodies to work towards a higher quality of a life with longevity.

Again, this system is not all bad, but we need to be mindful of how we are treating our bodies. It is so important to honor the body, to be mindful of what we put into it and how we are taking care of it. No one is perfect, so don't bully yourself for where you are. Instead take a deep breath and analyze. How do you feel? How does your body feel? If we slow down enough to check in with ourselves we become aware of what our bodies are telling us -- and trust me, your body is telling you!

So let's get into plant medicines and how they can help us heal from and unlearn the unhealthy ways we have subconsciously adopted. First, it is important to note that not all plant medicines are created equally. Always check your source, where it comes from, who you are supporting and if it is ethically sourced and produced.

As the wellness industry explodes, we have seen the rise of low quality and even false advertising. Be aware of companies who see the wellness industry and jump in to take advantage of the consumers and make a quick buck. That's big businesses for ya and it's important to know when you are looking at purchasing any type of plant medicine [or anything really].

Benefits of Using Plant Medicine

There are a plethora of plant medicines out there all with their own amazing benefits. We've listed a few for some of the top issues you may have, but we encourage you to do some research to find what is perfect for you!**

Plant Medicines for Sleep:

Kava Kava

Known for it's relaxing effects and heavily used in Hawaii, Kava is a great plant medicine to use when looking to induce sleep.


Another great and highly used tool for sleep aid is Melatonin. This naturally occurring chemical is what tells us we're tied and to fall asleep at the end of the day. So by taking Melatonin capsules, you are just increasing the amount of it in your body so you fall asleep and hopefully stay asleep.

Plant Medicines for Gut Issues:

Manuka Honey

Gut health is so important, and the production of good bacteria is crucial to helping keep your digestive system healthy. It has been said that Manuka honey helps healthy probiotic production.

Oregano Oil

The healing properties of oregano oil are so powerful that it’s been shown to prohibit the growth of harmful gut bacterias! So, if you find you’re experiencing some digestive troubles, it may be worth considering taking an Oregano Oil supplement.

Plant Medicines for Anti-Anxiety:

Kava Kava

Native to the South Pacific Islands, Kava is known for its chill vibes and relaxing nature. This ceremonial plant is typical drank in the form of tea or in a tincture and is a good anti-anxiety aid.

Cannabidiol [aka CBD]

CBD is another great tool for warding off anxiety and there are a plethora of ways to consume. From tinctures to edibles, to smokable flower and even pre-rolled joints. Many people have spoke about the benefits they've received using CBD for anxiety.

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