• leighanalynn

Trusting Your Gut

Venturing outside of your comfort zone can always be a little scary. It's an intense feeling that can leave you feeling anxious, nervous and even your stomach full of knots. But just because it may have you feeling all sorts of ways that you don't want to feel, getting outside of your comfort zone is so so crucial to our growth.

When we have a dream or something important to us that we are reaching for, in reaching for that thing, we make ourselves uncomfortable. We don't like be uncomfortable, but that is a part of growth. Too often I have seen people's intuition push them and poke them in the right direction [myself included], only for us to get overwhelmed with fear of the unknown and the discomfort - which causes us to then question our trust in our gut and our judgement.

Too many times I have followed a dream of mine only to completely and utterly second guess myself when I get close to said dream. Like WTF? My intuition and my Highest Self DO NOT DESERVE that! Like at all! And neither does yours!

We need to listen and trust our intuition more. For it is our gut that leads us down the path of true authenticity. While that path isn't easy and can be incredibly strenuous and uncomfortable at times, it is the growing pains we must all experience in order to raise our collective vibration.

So how can we better practice trusting ourselves and our intuition?? Well, like anything else, building a strong intuition takes practice.

5 Intuition Building Exercises

1. Free Write

Grab a piece of paper and a pen and write the first things that come to mind. No censoring, no worrying about spelling, just write.

2. Ask for Confirmation

When you're second guessing yourself and not sure ask for a sign for confirmation.

3. Pay Attention to Your Feelings

Check in with yourself more often and see how you are feeling. Take yourself off autopilot and take some deep breaths

4. Ask for Clarity

When you aren't sure what to do, place your hands on your gut and ask for clarity.

5. Cleanse your Aura

Sometimes we have negative energy taking up space which can make it hard to tap into your intuition. Cleanse your aura by 'combing' the energy field around your body with Selenite. [Especially get around your shoulder and the back of your neck.]