• leighanalynn

Using Hemp Derived Cannabinoids for Mental Health

Mental health has become an important topic and something that we are starting to see more research, time and energy put into learning about. Beyond the research however, mental health is something we are also seeing people focus more of their time and energy into learning about as well. But for the people working through it, they do so through their own experiences with it and with friends and loved ones with it.

Mental health has become a rather large umbrella term for an extremely wide and broad spectrum of ailments. Some we may be born with, while others are due to living in a society that pressures us to fit in a very specific, small and narrow box. For the purpose of this article though, we are going to be talking about mental health in a more general way, discussing your mental wellbeing and taking care of your state of mind.

Anxiety is something just about everyone, if not everyone experiences now-a-days. Which is actually so wild to think about! We are currently living in a world and in a society where most people deal with or have dealt with anxiety in some form. That's pretty sad, and it makes you question the society we've built and how truly successful it is? If a majority (if not all) of society's members are stressed out, anxious and/or depressed then we must be doing something wrong... right?

Right!! But that's a much bigger bridge to cross, so let's focus on what we can do for ourselves to help balance our lives and keep a healthy mental state and good mental health.

Breath work

Starting with the physical and the tangible body is always a great way to work your way to the mind and the intangible. Our breath has so much power over both our bodies and our minds. When we slow it down, we slow our heart beat down and communicate with our nervous system. Just taking deep, slow breaths can be so calming and healing alone, but really there are a plethora of different types of breath work we can practice that allow us peace, serenity, and even the chance to tap into some of our more potent and magical abilities.

Ground Yourself

Go outside, take some big breaths, listen to your favorite song, take a bubble bath, whatever it is that helps you feel grounded and can help you relax your body and your mind a little. A tree cannot grow without its roots and you cannot grow without yours. Grounding ourselves is the way we root down so we may grow.

Plant Medicine

While each person and their mental state is different, plant medicines have been known to help some with their mental health. And the great news, is theres a plethora of plant medicines out there for this! It's just up to you to try and see which ones work the best for your body,, your mind and your mental health.

Plant medicines for mental health is something people have been playing with for a while, and some even say works amazing for them! Plant medicines such as hemp for instance which has beneficial cannabinoid like CBD, CBG, and other minor cannabinoids. Then there are all the different types of mushrooms that people have said help keep their mental health in balance. From the adaptogenic family all the way to those that contain psilocybin.

If you're new to testing out plant medicines and playing with which ones can help you, I recommend getting a Goldleaf Cannabis Patient Journal to record your experiences with them and keep track of the effects it has on you and your feelings towards that plant medicine. And know that Goldleaf has a plethora of journal options so you can find the perfect one for you and your experience.

At the end of the day, we can't just snap our fingers and change society, so learning more about how to process and giving ourselves the tools we need to make through is so crucial! But something else that is equally important, is being there and supporting your friends. Think how good it feels to know when you're having an off day, you have at least one person who will hold space for you and listen.. I invite you to do that for someone. At a time when you have the ability to hold space for others,, do so. Be the friend you wish to have, be the support you wish to hold you, and most importantly, remember that everything will be okay and that it is okay to not be okay.

With Love,