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What is CBG?

Currently, many of us partake in or have at least heard of the various wellness trends sweeping the world. With that trend, hemp, or CBD has played a large part. While I hope this wellness binge is more than just a trend and rather a global awakening, it is intriguing to see and try all the new types of wellness products that are hitting the market. From CBD tinctures to Rose Quartz face rollers, Cacao Ceremonies and a rise in the acceptance of plant medicine, 2020 has been a year of health and the year for healing for many so far.

Coinciding with the rise of the wellness industry, we have also seen the rise of the hemp industry and the recent introduction to the cannabinoid, cannabigerol aka CBG. CBG is a cannabinoid like THC and CBD, but like CBD, cannabigerol is non-psychoactive and tends to have an even lower amount 'total THC'.

CBG is what we like to call, the Mother Cannabinoid. It is where all other cannabinoids derive from and is the first created by the cannabis sativa plant while growing. CBG flower has low trichrome content which makes it more of a dry flower. It is much much less sticky than your average THC weed and is also less sticky than CBD flower.

But it’s because of this that it is also believed to be the most likely to be compliant with the new FDA regulations and how they determine 'total THC'. The FDA’s rules on hemp is that it is legal as long as the THC level is <0.3%. This year however the FDA is changing the way they find the total THC. They used to find it out with this equation % of THCA x 0.877 but now this is the equation used % of THCA + delta9 THC x 0.877. With this change will come a shift in the hemp and CBD flower we see on the market. Something that has been legal and able to be sold on the market, may not be compliant anymore because it might register over that <0.3% marker.

This change can actually be viewed as positive, while it may mean less flower will be able to go to market, it is better for the consumer, especially the consumer that gets drug tested. Not having a consistent THC marker can be terrifying for many people and for many reasons, the biggest issue being drug testing. Imagine that hemp and CBD helps you but the hemp is “hot” and has too much THC but you get drug tested, you could lose your job and that’s scary!

I’ve always recommended people who get drug tested do not smoke CBD or even CBG flower for that matter, because I personally think it is too big of a risk. Until the FDA and federal government figure out their personal problems with CBD and hemp, we are in for a bumpy ride.

But for those of us who are fortunate enough to not have to worry about getting drug tested, cannabigerol is something worth trying. Because CBG is such a fairly new cannabinoid to the hemp market, and due to a lack of science there is also a lack of knowledge about what this cannabinoid can do. It does work with our endcannabinoid systems, but we are still all experimenting and trying this together to find out exactly how it effects the "average" person, which is kind of cool right?! So that lingering mystery, let's get curious and dive into what we have heard about CBG and the effects people are experiencing when they try it.

It helps ground and calm me when I’m in an altered state of mind, it doesn’t make me feel sleepy or lethargic like THC and CBD have. - Lady Jays Customer

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